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Headache Adult Office-Hours Version Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content * Pain or discomfort of the scalp or forehead areas * The face and ears are excluded … Doc Retrieval

Migraine Headaches And Panic Attacks
A third type of headache was characterized by forehead pain only but without the migraine or muscle contraction symptoms noted above. The remaining headaches that were not in- … Fetch Content

• Tension-type headache My forehead Cervicogenic headache Sinusitis • Tension-type headache My temples GCA Cluster headache • Cervicogenic headache The back of my head and neck … Access Doc

Headaches Due To Myofascial Trigger Points
There are many possible causes of headache. For people with the hyper-aroused Put one hand on your head, above your forehead. Then, keep-ing your head still, try to look at your hand. … Access Full Source

Headache With Right Upper Extremity Weakness And Dysphasia In …
headache by holding his forehead. He had had two episodes of retching while in CT. The CT scan (which was done with and without contrast) was within normal limits with no … Fetch This Document

Such important points for headache as Benshen GB-13 through to Fengchi GB-20 on the lateral side of the head, and Touwei ST-8 on the forehead. … View Full Source

Symptom Diagnosis General And Regional
Headache really constitutes the disease. It is cumulative and expansile in character, beginning in a small localized spot, which is generally constant either on the temple or forehead or in the eyeball. … Read Content

Teaching Case: Headache Stigmata
Significant eye discharge and irritation at the time, but without significant headache. Two months after the accident he started to develop severe pain located at the left eye, forehead, … Return Doc

Painful Memories
Cold causes a severe throbbing headache in cold-sensitive divers, occurring in the forehead or back of the head. It is very similar to the “brain-freeze” experienced … View Full Source

Headache And Forehead Swelling In A 9-Year-Old Boy With Sinusitis
CASE PRESENTATION Initial Presentation and History A previously healthy 9-year-old boy presented to the emergency department for evaluation of swelling of … Retrieve Here

Emergency Department Factsheet General Tension headache
What causes a tension headache? A tension headache is thought to be due to muscle tightness in the scalp, forehead and the back of the neck. This can be … View Document

Explored from one end to the other, going over the skin of the forehead (Fig. 7). When the sign is positive, the fold is painful and often thickened throughout all or part of the length of the brow. This sign is found only on the side of the usual headache, which is generally the side of the C2-3 … View Full Source

Tension Headaches And Chronic Daily Headache
Tension Headaches and Chronic Daily Headache What is a tension headache? A headache is called a tension headache if it causes feelings of tightness or pressure on your forehead or the sides of your head. … Access Doc

Would almost always reproduce the frontal headache complained of, but it would not be protracted". Indeed, many patients report interesting sensations in the forehead during examination. … Read Full Source

Tension headache is a dull or oppressive headache which comes creeping up on you, intensifies and gradually disappears. It feels like a taut band around your head or a tight-fitting cap. The pressure is felt over the forehead, temples and back of the neck. … Fetch Content

Tension Headache Handout
§ Pain that primarily occurs in the forehead, temples or the back of the head and/or neck § Chronic tension-type headaches may also be accompanied by changes in sleep patterns or insomnia, early morning or late day occurrence of headache, feelings of guilt, weight loss, dizziness, poor concentration, … Document Viewer

Common type of headache. The pain does not throb and is usually on both sides of the head. It often feels like a tight band of pressure around the head or a dull ache in the forehead or at the … Fetch This Document

Occipital Nerve Block
Of headache relief. Many people also get a reduction in headache pain that appears to head, side of the head, forehead, or eye. The head pain is usually made worse by activity or … Retrieve Document

New Daily Persistent Headache As A Presenting Symptom Of …
Present with headache with a mixed phenotype of both new daily persistent headache and atypical hemicrania head, mostly located over the forehead. The patient and his family, also noted that his speech had become … View Document