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Headache at top of the head Headache at temples/behind eyes Headache on forehead Lump in throat Tension in neck and shoulders Limited range of motion, neck … Document Retrieval

She had four distinct types of headache: • The first occurred mostly on Monday mornings, although it could also come on during the day, when she would feel it as a constant background “noise”. It concentrated itself around the temples and behind the eyes, but could also … Return Document

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Or teeth, lower jaw or teeth, side of neck, back of head, forehead, behind eyes, temples, tongue Do you clench your teeth during the day or night?  Do you grind your teeth during the day or night?  Do you ever awaken with a headache? … Doc Viewer

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In one or both eyes or even behind the eyes. A headache may appear as a band-like pain temples, forehead or other parts of the head. Brain surgeons have discovered … Retrieve Doc

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Locations: Behind one eye or one temple Characteristics: Severe to excruciating pain described as feeling like burning, pressing, or stabbing behind the eyes or in the temples, runny nose, tearing eyes, drooping eyelids, facial sweating on the same side of the face as the headache … Retrieve Full Source

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Steam, that much was obvious to even his untrained and slightly unfocused eyes. Hell, if it ever went again it would be a miracle. He stood back with a sigh rubbing his temples, feeling the start of a dull headache behind his eyes and the stiffness in his neck that he suspected might be the … Read More

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§ Pain that primarily occurs in the forehead, temples or the back of the head and/or neck § Cluster headaches are characterized by severe pain that develops behind one eye and may be triggered by … Fetch Doc

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Migraine with Auras * Headache: dull, intensifies. Forehead, temples, eyes, diffuse. parents, PCP •Fever, cough, congestion, poor airway clearing. d fl ill i •Tenderness: frontal, maxillary sinuses •Pain behind … Get Document

HEADACHE: Migraine Tension Pressure Throbbing Sinus Daily 1XWeek 2XWeek 3XWeek ___XWeek ___XMonth Back Of Head Forehead Temples Behind Eyes All Over … Access Full Source

Liver Yang Rising Headache in temples or behind the eyes Dizziness Ringing in the ears Difficulty hearing Dry mouth and/or throat Insomnia Irritability Feeling worked up Shouting in anger … Read Document

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Headache NS Frequency: constant frequent occasional rare. Severity: incapacitating severe moderate minor. Nature: throbbing dull stabbing. Location: L/R sided top/back of head between/behind eyes temples forehead … Doc Retrieval

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Commonly experienced in the temporomandibular joint, as a headache behind or around the eyes, and/or radiating into the teeth, temples, ear, side of the neck or upper shoulder. … Read Here

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Worsens, it may spread to the back of the head, the temples, forehead or behind the eyes. • Headache which always feels worse on the same side of your head • Headache eased by pressure to the base of the skull … Get Content Here

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“Just a headache?” Disentangling Headache and Facial Pain Dr Nicholas Silver More history Attacks increasing in frequency Gaps filling in with milder pain May radiate behind eyes and to temples Photophobia, phonophobia Alcohol … Retrieve Content

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¾Headache follows aura in less than 1 hour ¾Symptoms similar to migraine without aura z Eyes, temples, neck, and face z May extend to shoulder z Behind the eye ¾Low grade fever Temporarl Arteritis … Retrieve Content

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Const: headache: dull throbbing pressure (forehead cheeks between the eyesbehind the eyes) temples "band-like” around head back of the head migraines frequency of headaches_____ … Fetch Document